Tripod - 10 feet maxi height


Tripod with 10 feet height maxi for access in confined spaces

Tripod with 10 feet height maxi

For access in confined spaces

Adjustable height : from 1.9 m to 2.9 m

Wheelbase :from 1.52 m to 2.05m

Weight :15 kg

Maximum Load Capacity : 500 kg

Conforms to : EN795:2012 type B

HS Code : 7610 90 10

– With two mounted pulleys at the head of the Tripod in the extension of the main leg for passing a cable

– Having two auxiliary eye bolts as attachment points.

– Aluminum alloy cast head, legs in aluminium.

– Steel support-shoes provided with rubber sole to increase friction and impart more stability.

– Strength of anchorage point greater than 12 kN

– Every Tripod is provided with inbuilt fixture for attaching our winch FA 60 003 00 (20 m) or FA 60 023 00 (30 m).

– Every Tripod is provided with Tripod Bag

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